UPS equipment

- Technology: Line Interative, On line
- Power from 350VA- 800KVA.
- Input/Output Voltage 1 phase/ 3 phase.
- Using in LAN, WAN server, data center, internet network, Industrial PLCs, medical system, telecomunication devices…
- Multiligual LCD display and LED’s for rapid view of the UPS status and the operating log.
- Input/ Output EMI Filter.
- Low input current total harmonic distorsion ≤ 3% and output voltage total harmonic distorsion ≤ 2%
- Low operating noise (< 56dBA)
- Connectin up to many units in parallel or N+1 redundancy of even different power ratings.
- RS232 transmitted data can be displayed on an alphanumeric panel, terminal or network PC. USB interface.
- Overload 125% of the rated current for 10’.
- Efficiency 95-99%.
- Monitoring software for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, 2003, Me, XP, Max, OS X, XP, Linux, Novell operating system.
- Unique Low Rippe Current Discharge (LRCD) to help prolong battery life.
- Products manufactured by the leading UPS company worldwide: Liebert (USA), MGE (France), Riello (Italia)…



C Clamp Copper

Bar Copper

Bar copper

Coupling Grounding Tooth Size CR

Tape clamp

Earth rod

- Copper rod in galvanised steel

Surge protection on signal lines


Introduction Exothermic Welding Lectrotech<...

E-MIX 170

Grounding system
Special compounds can be used to improve (lower) practical grounding impedances. Grou...

Potential Equalization Clamp to eliminate ground loops and create an equipotential plane

Importing from LPI (Australia), ERICO(Australia)

Lightning Event Counter

- Recording lightning strike times and providing valuable statistical analysis of the system’s performance.
- LCD screen.
- Enclosure rating IP6...


- Lightning is contained within the 55mm2 primary conductor.
- Many layers structure maximise conveyable capablity if lightning discharge.


Supply the new numerical protectin relay demand all the requirement and the standard in the automatic, control and protective system of the factory, e...

Fire Suppression System

- The FM-200 (1,1,1,2,3,3,3 – heptafluoropropane) agent removes heat energy from fire, not oxygen from the environment.
- Detects and eliminates f...

UPS equipment

- Technology: Line Interative, On line
- Power from 350VA- 800KVA.
- Input/Output Voltage 1 phase/ 3 phase.
- Using in LAN, WAN server, da...

Surge Protection on Power Lines

- Surge Diverter and Surge Reduction Filter.
- Technology: MOV, SAD, GAS, TSG, TD.
- High surge ratings up to 360kA 8/20s.

ESE Air terminal

- Initiates an upward leader during storms conditions to capture lightning discharges over a greater radius conventi...

Conventional Lightning Protection

- Air terminal rod. It uses solid 99.9% pure copper material made air rod to intercept lightning. Solid Copper Air Terminal ensures good corrosion res...

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